Canton, MI Car Accident, Jul 1991

31 July 1991, Canton Fire Department ambulance was responding to St Joseph Mercy Hospital with a female who was having a miscarriage at 2:15 PM, The Canton Fire Department Ambulance was west bound on Geddes Road with its lights and siren on. At Denton Road where Geddes and Denton come to a intersection a care pulled in front of the ambulance causing an motor vehicle accident. At the time of the accident a accident investigator Curt Fongerwas on location filming the intersection for a past accident and recorded the ambulance crash. 76 year old Sadie Grimm had come to a stop at the intersection Grimm was traveling north on Denton, after the stop she pulled in front of the ambulance. The ambulance and Grimm's 1983 AMC Spirit collided. The accident took the life of Grimm and here granddaughter Jennifer Scheffler age-6, Fire Fighters Driver Craig Poike and his partner in the back of the ambulance Tomas Lutkenhoff were treated for cuts and bruises at Annapolis Hospital in Wayne. The woman being transported Lori Bessenger was not hurt. State Troper Curt Fonger was the investigator