Ferndale, MI Factory Explosion, 1968

Midland Adhesive 2600 Goodrich 55 gallon drums of acetone heyane and methyl ethylketon were being mixed with 450 lbs of neoprene rubber. at 1219 a violent explosion and fire ball took place in the factory , the east wall was disintegrated and a ball of fire could be seen 100 feet in the air. Lt Doyne Easterwood arrived with Engine-2 followed by Fire Chief McMurray who called for assistance from Hazel Park and Royal Oak FD. One employee was reported as missing Montress E Brantly age 27, three other employees were treated and released. Lt Easterwood injured his hip when a wall fall on him. Fire Fighter Greg Horrn had a laceration on his ear. Brantly was found dead after the fire was out.