Ypsilanti, MI Tornado, Apr 1893

Town of Ypsilanti Swept by a Cyclone.

Ypsilanti, Mich., April 13.-- A terrific cyclone struck Ypsilanti at 7:15 last night; passing through the business streets from southwest to northwest. The residence of William Knizely was blown off its foundation. Curtis' wagon and carriage factory, the business college, Draper Opera house, Hawkins house and several other buildings were demolished. Along Congress street, the principal street of the city, for two blocks signs and awnings were blown down and almost ever plate glass front on the north side of the street was smashed. On Huron street, the Laible block containing the postoffice (sic) and four stores were riddled.

The roof of the building was blown into the street and several houses opposite were damaged by flying debris. Crossing the river the cyclone unroofed the residence of Jonathan Voorhees on River street, and blew another house off its foundation. Farther eastward Dr. Moore's house and barn were overturned. The wind lasted ten minutes, and although the streets were filled with people only a few moments before no serious accident is reported. As soon as the wind subsided the electric lights were shut off to avoid a fire. The streets are filled with wreckage, fallen trees and debris of all kinds.

YIPSILANTI (sic), Mich., April 13.--Almost the entire population of the this city is working the streets clearing away the debris, which remains as the visible result of last night's cyclone. The leading streets are impassable. As far as can be ascertained today, no one was severely injured. The cyclone cut a swath two blocks wide. The damage done is estimated at a quarter of a million dollars.

Damage at Royal Oak

At Royal Oak the cyclone grazed the village, leveling everything in its path. The residence of Christian Brick was torn to pieces and the wreck took fire. His three children escaped but Brick and his wife were burned todeath. A number of houses were badly wrecked. The total damage is yet unknown.

Daily Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO 14 Apr 1893