Cheyboygan, MI Accidental Drowning, Jul 1908

Cheboygan, Michigan
July 17, 1908


Fred RANVILLE, the seventeen year old son of Joseph RANVILLE, proprietor of the Commercial hotel, was drowned at the foot of Division street Friday evening. The accident happened right back of his father's hotel, where the boys were in the habit of going in bathing in the river. Young RANVILLE could not swim a stroke, yet dived into the river and never came to the top after going down. Max SCHOENITH, JR., who was also swimming there at the time, saw the boy go down and immediately dived after him and found him on the bottom, but could not raise the body.

Pike poles and grappling irons were sent for and the body of the young man was brought to the surface after nearly twenty minutes time. DRS. STEFFINS and ST. AMOUR worked over him and although there appeared to be life in the body when it was taken from the water, he could not be resuscitated. The drowning happened shortly after seven o'clock and a large crowd watched the work of recovering the body.

The funeral was held from the home of his parents at the Commercial hotel on Monday and later from St. Charles' church. Mr. and Mrs. RANVILLE have been very unfortunate since coming to the city to live, and lost another son only this spring. The boy was a bright young fellow and had many friends among his companions.