Dalton, MI Six Drown Trying to Save Child, Dec 1931

Six Drown Trying Futilely to Rescue Child From Death

Ice Fails to Hold Group After Boy of 7, Playing on Sled, Breaks Through.

Recover 5 Bodies

Parents and Brother of Lad Are Victims of Tragedy.

Dalton, Mich., Dec. 20 (AP)-A 7-year old boy playing on a sled which was a premature Christmas present broke through the ice in a small lake near here late Sunday and six other persons drowned in a futile attempt to rescue him.

The dead:
OLIVER AND ORVILLE OMAN, 12 and 7, respectively, children of the Omans.
BUDDIE MORGAN, 17, and TEDDIE MORGAN, 14, nephews of Ergang.

Breaks Through Ice.

It was Orville who first went to his death when his sled broke through the thin ice.

His parents went to his rescue and drowned when the ice failed to hold them. Ergang ventured onto the ice in an attempt to bring them to safety and the other children, who had followed, broke through into the icy water with him.

Bodies of Ergang and Oliver Oman have not been recovered. The lake is on Ergang’s farm/

The tragedy happened in an isolated section of Northern Muskegon County.

Only a 3-year -old child is left in the Oman family.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 12 Dec 1931