Bay City, MI Town Fire, July 1892



Bay City, Mich., July 25. -- The greatest conflagration which ever visited Bay City broke out at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the lumber manufacturing establishment of MILLER & TURNER, situated on the west side of Water street, at the foot of Twenty-ninth street. A brisk southwest wind was blowing at the time, which fanned the flames into a roaring conflagration and swept them across Water street, into the settled districts. The east side of Water street where the fire crossed was built up with stores, hotels and restaurants. Nearly all the buildings were constructed of wood and burned like tinder. The wind increased as the flames progressed and in an hour the fire had consumed MILLER & TURNER'S entire plant, comprising a saw mill, salt blocks, dry kilns and a large quantity of lumber.
The flame had also travelled through three blocks to the eastward, cutting a swath two blocks wide. At this point the path of conflagration broadened and block after block was swept over with astonishing rapidity. Nearly all of West Bay City's equippage, with Saginaw and Flint departments, came to the scene of the disaster and lent such assistance as lay in the power of the firemen. But with hundreds of streams playing on the fire the flames pursued their course, licking up house after house until 8 o'clock. Upwards of 300 buildings have been destroyed and the conflagration was still sweeping towards the eastern limits of the city. While the majority of the buildings burned belonged to working people, many fine residences have been consumed. Two churches, four hotels and about forty stores of all varieties are included among the structures destroyed which have contributed food to the flames. At this hour (9 p.m.) many rumors are afloat concerning people who have perished. So far as it is positively known only one death occurred, that of a woman, whose name it is impossible to learn. The entire loss will reach upwards of $1,000,000, but it is impossible to learn tonight the extent to which different parties are insured.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1892-07-26