Oscoda, MI Area Fire, Jul 1911

Oscoda, MI Fire, Jul 1911



Inhabitants Being Rushed Out in Freight Cars and Lake Steamer, Other Places in Danger.

Bay City, Mich., July 11.---The town of Oscoda, seventy-six miles north of Bay City, has been wiped out by fire; the town of Au Sable, opposite it, across the Au Sable River, is now on fire, and the 1.800 inhabitants of the two towns are being taken on board a big steamer that arrived at Au Sable and a train made up of freight cars picked up in the Au Sable and Oscoda freight yards, while another train is being sent late tonight from East Tawas to take away refugees.

A lineman succeeded in getting around the fire and tapped the wires four miles south of the town. He said there had been no loss of life.

Nothing further has been heard from Alphes, fifty-one miles north of Oscoda, but a message has just been received saying that the relief train with fire apparatus sent there from this city was wrecked somewhere north of East Tawas.

Other Towns Endangered.

The fire at Cheboygan, where a huge mountain of sawdust, which has been burning for weeks, got beyond control yesterday, is now in a furious blaze, but it is not known whether there is danger to the city. Lewiston, Alger and Turner, all north of here, are in danger from forest fires. The Alpena and Oscoda fires originated in slab yards.

Forty cars and two bridges on the Michigan Central near Graying were burned this afternoon.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 12 Jul 1911


The fire at Alpena was reported to be under control, the wind having died somewhat at sundown. The M[illegible] tannery sustained a loss estimated at $100,000. The Walker-Veneor and Northern Planing mills $2,000.

The loss of H. M. Loudson's company at Au Sable, proprietors of industries in many of the adjoining villages of Au Sable and Oscoda, is estimated at $500,000.

Belleville News-Democrat, Belleville, IL 12 Jul 1911