Minneapolis, MN auto wreck, Jun 1908


MINNEAPOLIS, June 26. - To avert a collision with another automobile at Dupont and Douglas avenues, Minneapolis, last night, Harry Wilcox, president of the Wilcox Automobile company, deliberately drove his machine into the curb while speeding at a rate of 60 miles an hour. The machine was utterly demolished and Wilcox was hurled several feet through the air, but escaped without serious injury. The occupant of the other machine, Archibald Wagner, 1712 Dupont avenue south, son of F. H. Wagner, president of the Wagner Insurance company, was unhurt, and the rear of his machine was slightly damaged as a result of the impact. The machine in which Wilcox rode was one intended to be used by Fire Chief Canterbury on runs to fires, and was making its speed test at the time of the accident. As they approached the intersecting streets both drivers observed each other, and endeavored to avoid a collision. Wilcox realized instantly that a collision was inevitable and deliberately drove his machine straight for the curb. The huge machine struck the curb squarely, and Wilcox was hauled across the sidewalk into an adjoining lot. Wagner was thrown fro his seat into the street, but neither wasw injured, and were on their feet when assistance arrived. That both men were not killed outright is a miracle, as Wilcox's machine was entirely wrecked and lay in a heap of ruins near the curb, a mass of practically worthless debris. Wagner's machine can be repaired.

The Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 27 Jun 1908