Winona, MN Train - Auto Wreck, Jan 1929

3 Celebrants Die In Crash

Middle Aged Persons Had Left Road House, Drive Car in Front of Train

(By United Press)
Winona, Minn., Jan. 1.-Three New Year celebrants were killed near here Tuesday and a fourth was perhaps fatally injured when their automobile was struck by a Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific passenger train.

The dead all of Winona were Mrs. Irene Weber, Miss Gladys Jackson and John Cleminski, Mrs. Gertrude Page, also of Winona was so seriously injured that she is not expected to live.

The four middle aged persons had left a road house near Winona at 5 a.m. after celebrating the New Year and were returning home when their automobile was struck by the train on a crossing.

Decatur Evening Herald, Decatur, IL 1 Jan 1929