St. Paul, MN Bomber Crashes, Sep 1958

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By Associated Press.
South St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 17 -- The giant bomber plane which crashed in flames near here had broken apart in the air, an Air Force general said Wednesday.
Streaking fire as it plummeted groundward Tuesday night, the B52 jet tore a hole 300 feet long by 15 feet deep in the AUGUST KAHL farmyard. The plane exploded as it hit, setting fire to the farm buildings.
Of the eight men aboard, only the co-pilot survived by parachuting.
Air Force officials said CAPT. JACK D. CRAFT, 29, Sturgis, Mass., was in shock and unable to answer questions.
Eight members of the KAHL family were injured, and three remain hospitalized. They lost all their possessions in the explosion and fire.
MAJ. GEN. WALTER C. SWEENEY, JR., said the tail section had separated from the rest of the plane sometime before the fiery crash and was found three miles south of the KAHL farm.
SWEENEY is commander of the Stragetic Air Command's 8th Air Force at Westover Air Force Base, Mass. He flew here to start an investigation.
CAPT. CRAFT told the ambulance driver who took him to the hospital that the plane suddenly started falling apart while traveling at 600 miles per hour at an altitude of 36,000 feet.
One of those aboard, CAPT. BERNARD D. LANOIS, 36, San Diego, Calif., was an instructor pilot whose job was to check the crew and see that everything was done properly. GEN. SWEENEY said the flight was routine training and there was no armament aboard.

Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1958-09-18

Listing of Fatalities:
Captain WILLIAM C. HORSMAN, pilot, Kansas City, Missouri.
Captain RICHARD J. CANTWELL, navigator, Phoenix, Arizona.
Major S. O. GILLESPIE, JR., radar observer, Atlanta, Georgia.
1st Lt. WILLIAM F. HUSKEY, engineer, Norman, Oklahoma.
T/Sgt. LEON R. LAW, tail gunner, Skokie, Illinois.
Capt. JAMES D. TAYLOR, instructor, Dixon, Kentucky.
Capt. BERNARD D. LANDIS, instructor, San Diego, California.