Lake Pepin, MN - WI Bomber Crash In Lake, Dec 1944


Madison, Wis. -- (UP) -- No trace of survivors of a plane crash in Lake Pepin on the Minnesota-Iowa border has been found by Truax Field officers investigating the accident, the field reported.

Mdison, Wis. (UP) -- rmy ir force officils from Truax Field, near Madison, were scheduled to fly to Lake Pepin, on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, today to investigate the crash of an army Liberator bomber into the lake yesterday.
Truax officials said the plane crashed while on a routine flight and it was not known yet how many men were killed.

Lake City, Minn. (UP) -- Rescue workers today attempted to reach a B-29 Liberator bomber plane which crashed and burned in Lake Pepin near here with possibly three or four members of a ferrying crew.
The plane had left St. Paul airfield early yesterday afternoon to be ferried to another point. Three men normally compose the ferrying crew.
Witnesses at Lake City said the plane was heard above the town, but suddenly its motors sputtered and a crash and explosion were heard in the vicinity of the lake. Lake City authorities collected several pieces of fuselage, cowling and wings for army authorities.
The plane cut a path a half mile long and a quarter mile wide in ice before sinking.
An army board of inquiry was expected to arrive in Lake City today to supervise salvaging operations. Thin ice was expected to make removal of bodies hazardous, but authorities may send down a diver to begin their removal today.

Brainerd Daily Dispatch Minnesota 1944-12-16



Kansas City, Dec. 16 -- (AP) -- Names of the three crew members aboard a B-24 bomber which crashed yesterday into Lake Pepin near Pepin, Wis., were released today by the 33rd ferrying command.
They were:
Capt. DAN D. MITCHELL, pilot, son of Mrs. Lois Mitchell, Houston, Tex.
Flight Officer BUDDY BOB BEASLEY, co-pilot, son of James H. Beasley, Lubbock, Tex.
Sgt. EDWARD ALEXANDER DEMSKI, engineer, son of Bernard Demski, Trenton, N.J.

Miami Daily News Record Oklahoma 1944-12-17



Lake City, Minn., April 20 -- (AP) -- An attempt to raise wreckage of a B-24 Liberator bomber that crashed into Lake Pepin in a snowstorm last Dec. 15, and recover the bodies of three crewmen who went to their deaths in the crash was under way today.
Divers located what they believed was the main portion of the plane yesterday and a barge equipped with a derrick was to go to the scene today to try to bring the wreckage to the surface.

The Evening Tribune Albert Lee Minnesota 1945-04-20