Ortonville, MN plane crash, May 1921

Airplane Smashes Wings When Zephyr Is Playful

The first airplane mishap of the 1921 season for Ortonville occurred at McNiff's Field Thursday afternoon when Gregory B. Uphengeipher, former Kosioski Major in that famous sqadron of the Polish army landed there during a heavy wind.

After landing the Major taxied over by Jack Anderson's biplane and immediately after bringing his J. I. Standard to a halt, a zephyr from the southwest of tremendous velocity picked his plane up and carried it over upon its back. Mr. Peter Ham, famous twin city photographer, who accompanied him went over on his first ground loop.

Mr. Piper Heidzic of the Curtis Northwest Airplane Company arrived by train Saturday with the "broken parts," and proceeded to fix the plane.

When the plane was fixed and ready to be tested Miss Grace Kaercher accompanied Major Uphengeipher on the test flight, and upon landing said that she saw Big Stone lake playing tag with the heavens and the sky became green.

Pilot Jack Anderson and the Major took off in formation Wednesday afternoon. Jack Anderson was on his way to Sioux Falls, S. D., but before heading south he took Major Uphengeipher a ways west to a point out the route to Aberdden at which town he is to make his next stop. He will join Mr. Anderson agian at Sioux Falls Friday where they are to stage an aerial combat. Mr. Anderson is to have his plane decorated as a Bolshevik plane and Major Uphengeipher will wear his famous Polish insignia.

The Ortonville Independent, Ortonville, MN 26 May 1921