Ortonville, MN car crash, Apr 1921

Cars Collide on Bad Corner Last Saturday

A billboard which falls under the ban of an ordinance recently passed by the city council is largely responsible for an auto collision which happended last Saturday evening at 7:00 o'clock when cars driven by Chas. Scofield and Emil Hanson collided at the corner south of the courthouse.

Mr. Schofield, accompanied by his wife and Mrs. Sarvis, was coming down the hill in his own car, a five-passenger Overland, and was turning to the left to go south. Mr. Hanson was coming from that direction and intended to go up the hill at that corner.

In an attempt to miss Hanson's car, Mr. Schofield pulled his car to the left as fast as he could, but it was impossible to miss the other car.

The Overland was damaged the worse in the collision. An axel [sic] and spring were broken, the hood and fender on the right side badly smashed, the radiator slightly damaged and the tire on the right front wheel cut. Hanson's car which was the lighter of the two suffered a smashed fender and spring, and one of the headlights was crumpled.

The billboard is owned by the Aberdeen Billboard company, and was supposed to have been removed, the ordinance prohibiting billboards within 100 feet of a street intersection.

The Ortonville Independent, Ortonville, MN 7 Apr 1921