St. Paul, MN auto wreck, Jan 1961

Auto Crackup Takes Lives of 7 Teen-Agers

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A speeding car skidded out of control early Saturday and smashed into another car, wiping out the lives of seven teen-agers.

A truck driver who witnessed the violent accident said one of the cars had passed his vehicle "traveling at least 100 miles an hour."

The crash occurred in the suburb of Roseville on a four-lane highway.

Of the six boys and a girl who died, four were high school students in St. Paul and had been at a birthday surprise party for a girl.

They were Thomas Irish, 17, driver of the speeding car, which he had borrowed for the evening from his mother; Larry W. Dexter, 18, Ronald Crawford, 17, and Michael Olsem, 18.

Police said the Irish ar smashed into another driven by Michael T. Swifka, 19, St. Paul. He was descibed by a friend as a brilliant pouth with a 155 I.Q. who planned to enter the university of Minnesota next fall. His passengers were Guy Marshall, 19, and Cynthia P. Comstock, 18, daughter of a university professor, both of St. Paul.

The Big Spring Daily Herald, Big Spring, TX 15 Jan 1961