Duluth, MN Auto - Bicycle Wreck, Mar 1910


Thomas Wood Is Thrown From Bicycle as He Darts in Front of Moving Machine.

Thomas Wood, 10 year old son of T. S. Wood, 1927 East Superior street, had a narrow escape yesterday afternoon from being crushed under the wheels of a large touring car. He owes his life to the skill of the chauffeur. The lad was badly bruised about the body and face.

Thomas was riding east on Superior street yesterday afternoon on a bicycle. Following close behind him was the automobile of H. F. Williamson. When near Nineteenth avenue east the boy essayed to turn up the avenue. As he crossed in front of the machine the automobile struck him throwing him from his bicycle. The motor car was not going fast and was brought to a stop before it crossed the boy's body. When picked up the boy's head was resting against one of the front wheels of the machine. Occupants of the car took him home.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 26 Mar 1910