Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN Area Storm, Jun 1901


One Life Lost and Several Injured in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, June 29. – A terrific storm swept over Minneapolis, St. Paul and vicinity yesterday afternoon. The storm broke about 4 o’clock, being preceded by almost utter darkness. It was so dark that the Western league baseball game was postponed because the players were unable to see the ball. Many people went into the streets to watch the clouds and when the storm of wind and rain broke there were many injured.

HOLLY BENNETT was struck by a live electric wire and killed. The frame building occupied by the Home Laundry was wrecks. Mrs. Morey, an employe (sic) of the laundry had a leg broken and a shoulder dislocated. The storm leveled part of the canvas enclosure of Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show, and several persons were injured there. One of the grain tanks being built by the Pioneer Steel Elevator company in southeast Minneapolis was tilted from its foundation and collapsed. The workmen barely escaped.

Throughout the city window lights were broken in and much minor damage was done.

In St. Paul the storm was heavy, but the damage there was of a minor character, chimneys being blown down, window panes smashed and shade trees broken.
Duluth and West Superior also report a heavy wind and electrical storm yesterday afternoon. Similar reports come from many towns north and west of the Twin Cities, Near Montevideo, Minn., all the buildings on the farm of G. Jung were blown down and one man was probably fatally injured.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 29 Jun 1901