Elk River, MN Train - Automobile Wreck Kills Family, Jun 1913


Race Between Machine and Winnipeg Flyer Near Elk River, Minn., Ends Disastrously

Elk River, Minn., June 2. -- Four persons were killed, three of them almost instantly, and two others were injured when train No. 13 on the Northern Pacific road, known as the Winnepeg Flyer, crashed into an automobile at a crossing near here to-day.

The dead:

J. L. Dawson, Kalona, Iowa, aged 66.

Mrs. J. L. Dawson, Kalona, Iowa, aged 65

Frances Dawson, eight years old.

Efon Dawson, brother of Mr. Dawson.

Mrs. C.C. Dawson and her small son were badly injured, and were placed in the hospital here.

The Dawsons had purchased a farm at Clear Lake, Minn., and were driving from Kalona, Iowa, to their future home.

Farmers who witnessed the accident say the automobile passed the train after a short race along a strip of road running parallel with the track.  The driver then attempted to cross the track in front of the train.  The turn slackened the automobile's speed. The engine struck the machine, hurled the bodies several feet in the air, demolished the car and damaged the pilot of the engine.

The flyer left St. Paul half and hour late and on going over Coon ricer [sic] encountered a man walking on the bridge.  The engineer blew the whistle; the man became excited and jumped into the river.  This delayed the train thirty minutes, and it was traveling rapidly when the crash with the automobile came, it is said.

The bodies probably will be sent to Kalona, Iowa, for burial.

Daily Illinois State Register, Springfield, IL 3 Jun 1913