Melrose, MN Head-On Crash Kills Five, May 1958


Melrose, Minn. (UP) - Five persons were killed in a head-on collision Friday and the Minnesota Highway Patrol was unable to determine why the accident occurred.
The patrol said there was no apparent reason for the accident which occurred on an open road during clear weather.
The victims were GERALD HEWITT, 59, of Webster, Tex.; EFFIE HEWITT, also of Webster; LUCILLE A. CHAMBER, 73, of Clinton, Ill., Hewitt's sister; and ABAGAIL E. GEELAND, and O.J. PRUDEN, both of St. Paul, Minn. The HEWITTS died several hours after the accident.
Authorities said the HEWITTS and the CHAMBER woman were returning from Canada where they had been looking over a vacation spot.

Valley Morning Star Harlingen Texas 1958-05-17