Duluth, MN Runaway Truck Accident, Jun 1959



Duluth, Minn. (AP) - A semi-trailer grain truck speeding out of control down a hill without brakes, hit a car and smashed into two homes Wednesday night. Three persons died and four were injured.
The impact sent the truck's heavy load of grain through the wall of the first house and into another, around the corner.
Killed were RALPH REDLIN, 50, Ellendale, N.D., the truck driver and his wife, RUBY, 33,
and MARTIN CICH, 26, Superior, Wis., whose car was struck by the truck.
Seriously injured were MR. and MRS. REUBEN WIDELL, occupants of the second house hit by the truck. They were in their living room watching television when the truck smashed into the front of their home.

Others Injured.
Also injured were MR. and MRS. EARL HAYES, who live around the corner from the WIDELL home. MRS. HAYES was struck in the back, by an oil drum carried with the plummeting grain through their home. HAYES suffered an arm injury.
"It sounded like an explosion," said Mrs. Robert Anderson, whose home was the first hit.
"I ran into the bedroom for the baby and ran out the back door. I didn't even look into the living room, I was so scared. I went to a neighbor's house and just sat with the baby until I quit shaking."
Mrs. Anderson's husband was not home.

Four Wrecked.
The truck swept away the front of the Anderson home, including a sun porch, then hit the front of the Widell house. The truck's trailer landed on top of the cab, hurling its load of grain through the Widell house across the back yard in to the garage of the Hayes home.
MRS. WIDELL was carried with the grain and was dug out of a pile of grain in the Hayes' back yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes were in their kitchen drinking coffee when the grain hit their garage like a projectile. It ripped through the garage, through the kitchen and into their living room.

Denton Record-Chronicle Texas 1959-06-25