Duluth, MN Bunnell Building Fire, Jun 1893

Duluth, Minn., June 22. -- The Bunnell building, a five-story frame structure and a regular fire trap was destroyed by fire shortly after midnight. In the building were four stores, two saloons and two newspaper plants, and eighteen people, many of them women or children, occupied the upper story. The fire started from an unknown cause. At the point where it originated there was no possible source of fire. The total loss is about $40,000, with a total insurance which will not exceed $12,000. It is feared that the loss of life my reach an appalling figure. Four dead bodies have already been recovered and it is considered certain that at least three more are still in the ruins. The following are the names of the victims whose bodies have been recovered: Mary Ford, aged 33; Robert Ford, her son, aged 6; Mrs. Elizabeth Mayher, 35 years; Celia, her child, 8 years old.

Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Iowa, 22 June 1893


Another Body in the Ruins at Duluth.

Duluth, Minn., June 24. -- The body of Robert Ford, the 6-year-old son of Mrs. Mary Ford, was discovered in the ruins of the Bunnell block Friday burned beyond recognition. It is now quite certain that the body whose identity has been in dispute is that of Mrs. Ford, and there were only four lives lost in the fire.

Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Iowa, 24 June 1893