Minneapolis, MN Security Company Warehouse Fire, Jul 1890

Spontaneous Combustion

Minneapolis, Minn., July 16.- The large seven story ware house of the Security company was entirely destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon, together with its contents. Spontaneous combustion was the cause. The upper floors were filled with agricultural implements, and on the fourth floor were 500 tons of building twine. A three story stone building adjoining was crushed by the falling walls. The building was built in April, and cost $50,000, on which there $35,000 insurance. The first story was occupied as a shipping room, the second by offices, the third by the William Deering company, the fourth by the Appleton Manufacturing company, the fifth and sixth by general storage, and the seventh by furniture. The total loss is $815,000; insured in foreign companies.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 16 Jul 1890