Duluth, MN fire, Mar 1883



ST. PAUL, March 25. - A Duluth special says the most destructive fire that ever visited Duluth occurred at 10:30 this morning. It originated in a small building on West Superior-street, occupied by Miss N. Merrill as a millinery and dress-making establishment. The fire started from a defective coal stove, which ignited a quantity of light combustible material and the flames quickly spread throughout the entire building. From Miss Merrill's place the fire spread to Sullivan's restaurant on the east, and P. Dean's dry goods store on the west. The fire then spread rapidly and in a short time the buildings occupied by M. Haug as a billiard hall and residence; E. Wright, harness shop; C. Palmer, harness shop; James M. Geist, jeweler, and G. H. Hill, confectioner; S. Weiss, clothier; Marlson & McGregor, grocery; Nils Hoff, boots and shoes, and residence; W. Dambruck, saloon and restaurant and the residence of John Haug, were soon enveloped in the flames. The Central House, owned and occupied by J. A. Smith, also took fire, but by the greatest effort the fire was put out and the building saved. The heat at this time was tremendous, and it was thought that the buildings on the opposite side of the street must also fall victims to the fire. Blankets and old carpets were brought into use, spread upon the roofs, and hung over the fronts, and by keeping them constantly saturated with water the buildings escaped with badly scorched fronts and broken glass. The total loss on the buildings is $47,500, with an insurance of $35,000. The stock burned, removed, and damaged is estimated at $50,000. The proportion of loss cannot yet be determined. One man was seriously injured by a falling building. The burned district will be built up at once.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Mar 1883