Yazoo City, MS Two Car Accident, Dec 1959


Yazoo City, Miss., (AP) - The two-car accident near Yazoo City late yesterday in which six people, including two children, were killed may be listed as one of the nation's highest fatality accidents during the three-day holiday weekend.
Seven children were injured in the crash which occurred at the intersection of Highways 49 East and 12 when two cars traveling in opposite directions collided.
Killed were:
MR. and MRS. CLAUDE THORTON, of Yazoo City;
AARON BYAS, a negro of Cleveland;
BYAS' wife and two of their children. THORTON was 47 and his wife, 43.
Taken to hospitals at Lexington and Jackson were the THORTON'S two daughters, BETTY ANN, 20, and CLAUDINE, 15, and five unidentified negro children.
The Highway Patrol at Yazoo City said the car driven by BYAS swerved into the wrong lane and into the path of the car driven by THORTON. Officers said BYAS momentarily had turned his head to speak to a child in the back seat when the crash occurred.

Greenwood Commonwealth Mississippi 1959-12-26