Moss Point, MS Chain Reaction Crash, May 2000


Moss Point, Miss. - A chain reaction of collisions involving 16 cars, two tour buses and two 18-wheelers left at least five people dead, authorities said.
Heavy fog and smoke from a forest fire reduced visibility and was believed to have been a factor in the wreck early Sunday.
Troopers said the Mississippi accident happened just after 5 a.m. on Interstate 10 near the Alabama state line. Fifty to 70 people were involved, said Master Sgt. David Kenny of the state Highway Patrol. At least 24 were injured in the pileup.
Authorities still were trying to determine what caused the accident, but they believe a heavy fog was part of the reason, as well as thick smoke from a forest fire during the night.
"There was one accident and then bam, bam all the way down the line," Scottie McCarroll of Citronelle, Ala., said. "You could hear other traffic coming very fast and hitting on breaks and hitting each other and crashing and screaming and all kind of sounds and you couldn't do anything."
One of the two tour buses involved in the accident was carrying a group of Spanish speaking laborers from Texas to North Carolina. Another bus, operated by Preferred Charters, was heading from Texas and carrying a rhythm and blues band to Atlanta.
Twenty ambulances from five different companies carried injured drivers and passengers to Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula and Knollwood Hospital in Mobile, Ala.

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