Mississippi River, MS Steamer PENNSYLVANIA Explosion, June 1858



The St. Louis papers give fuller lists of the persons killed and wounded by the burning of the Mississippi steamer PENNSYLVANIA on the 13th inst.:
The following is a list so far as yet ascertained:
LOST -- FATHER DELCROSS; MRS. WITT and daughter; FOSTER HURST; N. & S. BANTSCHER, of New Orleans; DENNIS CORCORAN, of New Orleans; JOSEPH PILAN, of Texas; MRS. FULTON, of St. Louis; E. GLEASON, of New York; H. B. NICHOLS, of Texas; MR. LACKEY, of Mississippi; MR. SEINTER, JOHN SINKHORN, JAMES BOWLES, JAS. BURNS, WM. WOODFORD, all of Louisville; LEWIS J. BLACK; E. GENORAS and an English gentleman from Cuba, who has a sister living near Burlington, Iowa -- 20. All yet ascertained.
INJURED -- H. FISHER; JOHN BLOOMFIELD; J. H. CAMPBELL; FRANK C. JONES; A. BATZ; JOHN MANNY; FRANCIS PRATT, of New Orleans; XAVIER RANCH and L. VELA, of the French Opera; HENRY CLEMENTS, of St. Louis, third clerk, scalded; WILLIAM WILLIS, of New Jersey; MATT KELLY, of St. Louis; SAMUEL MARKS, of Pa.; CHAS. STONE, of Nashville; DANIEL KEEFE, of Keokuk; and SAMUEL WOODS, ANDREW LINDSEY, of Cincinnati; WM. WOODS, GEO. BOLAGER, of Pittsburg; ISAAC WEBSTER, of Stark County, Ohio; ROBERT BROTHERTON, of Columbus, Ohio; JAS. McCORMICK; Capt. R. BACKERS, of New York; CHAS. ASHBROOK, of St. Louis; Capt. J. W. FAIRFIELD, of Boston; HENRY SHULTZ, MATTHEW COMMAFEERE, of St. Louis.
SAVED -- MRS. FOURRIER, of the French Opera; Sister CAROLINE, and Sister MARY ELLEN, of the New Orleans Convent; C. McCARTHARY, of New Orleans; ISAAC P. TICE, of Baltimore; WM. BROTHERTON and son, of Ohio; H. A. SNEAD, of Virginia; J. P. WOOTEN, of Kentucky; A. L. BARTLETT, wife and child, of New York; A. MARKS and wife; W. G. MEPHAM, wife and child, of St. Louis; R. R. YOUNG, of Louisville; THOMPSON, a railroad man, of New York; JOHN H. CREIGHTON, of Springfield, Ohio; and HENRY EITER, of St. Louis.
Full particulars of this disaster are given in the St. Louis Republican of the 16th. That paper estimates the number of persons killed and missing at two hundred. MR. W. G. MEPHAM, a passenger, makes the following statement:
"The steamer PENNSYLVANIA left New Orleans on the 9th inst., with one hundred and twenty-five cabin passengers and one hundred and fifty-eight deckers. She afterwards took on board, at Baton Rouge, Natchez and Vicksburg, 62 passengers, and at Napoleon 10. There were 40 deck hands and firemen, 24 of the steward's crew, and 10 officers -- making in all 450 souls.
Out of this number, 182 were rescued by a wood-boat, and about 70 others escaped in various ways. These numbers include the wounded and scalded. About 200 are lost and missing.
At about 6 o'clock on the morning of the 13th inst., when the boat was about 70 miles below Memphis, she exploded four of her boilers, while under way. At the time of the explosion she was near 300 yards from shore. The cabin was torn to pieces forward of her wheel-house. Very few of the passengers were out of their state-rooms at the time. The passengers in the after part of the cabin -- men, women and children -- rushed out, and the utmost confusion ensued among them, all supposing the boat was on fire, from the smoke and steam which came rushing through the cabin.

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