Kansas City, MO Private Plane Crash, Mar 1965


Kansas City, Mo. -- Five officers of a California firm, Biltmore Mobile Homes Corp., were killed when their twin-engined Beechcraft sheared the tail of a stationary aircraft and plunged through an eight-foot chain link fence at Kansas City's Fairfax Airport shortly after taking off from the city's Municipal Airport.
HOWARD KOHLER, 42, of Lynwood, Calif., was believed to be the pilot. Also killed were EDWARD GESLER, 45, general sales manager, Anaheim; ROBERT HITE, 40, assistant engineer, Long Beach; GLEN WATSON, 46, general purchasing agent, Panorama City, and LYLE NECHSNER, 26, a salesman of Whittier.
Observers said the pilot appeared to be attempting a landing in a snowstorm that limited visibility to one-half mile.

The Times Record Troy New York 1965-03-06


My Uncle Howard

I've missed Him every since! He was the most fun person i've evern known in my life.

Howard Kohler Accident

My father was the controller of Biltmore at the time of the accident. I remember your grandfather fondly. He was a charismatic type person. After this accident things were never the same at Biltmore as well as for all the family members related to the victims. Gary


you are very very welcome ...

Thanks for posting this

Howard Kohler of Lynwood was my grandfather. Thanks for honoring his memory by posting this.