Joplin, MO Lightning Strike, Sept 1885

Lightning’s Queer Freak.

How a Bolt Entered a House in Joplin and Tore It to Pieces But Did Not Injure a Single Person.

[Special to the Kansas City Times.]
Joplin, Mo., Sept. 19.-Yesterday morning at 4 o’clock during a heavy thunderstorm, a one story dwelling house, occupied by John Cayne and his family, was struck by lightning. The bolt entered the west gable and near the top and branched off in several different directions, the main body passing through the building and coming out at the east end. At the time of the occurrence Mrs. Cayne was in the act of shutting down the front windows, while her husband was lying in bed near by. Two children slept in an adjoining room, and notwithstanding the fact that lightning entered all the rooms with the exception of the one occupied by the parents, not one member of the family was stunned. The furniture in the parlor and dining room was considerably damaged, while the contents of the kitchen were turned topsy-turvy. In its course the bolt tore the shingles off, shattered the timbers and demolished the slues and otherwise damaged the upper portion of the building to such an extent as to make it almost irreparable.

The building was insured for $500 against lightning and probably can be repaired for that amount.

Kansas City Times, Kansas City, MO 14 Sept 1885