Salisbury, MO Electrocution, May 1934

Live Wire Kills Four CCC Boys

By The Associated Press

Salisbury, Mo., May 23. – Four civilian conservation corps youths hitch-hiking their way to a street dance, were killed by 2,200 volts of electricity tonight when the truck on which they had obtained a ride struck a pole and dislodged a wire.

The wire fell into the group of approximately 12 youths, twisting about like a snake. Witnesses said the blue flame lit up horrified faces.

The four killed were George FORBES, 18, Allen MURRAY, 17, Nick KAVOCHEVICK, 18, all of Kansas City, and Walter BROWN, 19, of Lees Summit, Mo.

Other youths, all badly burned, were taken to an Excelsior Springs hospital and an undetermined number were reported in a dying condition.

Abilene Morning News, Abilene, TX 24 May 1934