Joplin, MO Tornado, Apr 1902

Three Dead At Joplin, Mo.

Thirty Injured an 50 Families Made Homeless by the Tornado.

It was known yesterday that three persons were killed and about 30 injured in the tornado which swept through Joplin, Mo., Friday. Of the injured, perhaps eight were fatally hurt.

The Dead.
J.J. JONES (colored).
MARTHA COPE (colored).

A conservative estimate places the total loss at $100,000. The district swept by the tornado was about four blocks wide, and two dozen houses in the southern end of the city were either wholly or partly demolished, which in the mining district heavy loss was caused in the wrecking of mine houses. Scarcely a building in the course of the storm escaped damage. About 50 families are homeless. In the residence district the loss fell principally among the poorer classes. Many lost everything and are destitute. Plans to care for these were arranged yesterday afternoon at a mass-meeting, called by the mayor.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 27 Apr 1902