Kansas City, MO Attacked By Lioness, Mar 1958


Kansas City (AP) -- Wild animal trainer PAT ANTHONY credits the screams of a circus crowd with helping to save his life after he was attacked by an enraged lioness Friday.
ANTHONY was nearing the end of his act with 14 liones and lionesses. Suddenly the lioness, which weighs between 400 and 500 pounds, sprang at him as 8,500 people watched at Municipal Auditorium.
The animal knocked him down and sent a chair flying out of his hand. ANTHONY grabbed her around the throat, shoved back and kicked her in the stomach to flip her away from him.
Then he leaped to his feet with blood streaming from his left arm. Using a whip and shouts, he cleared the steel enclosure of lions, driving them into a chute leading into their cages. As the last lion entered the chute, ANTHONY collapsed.
ANTHONY said, "I think all the screaming frightened the animal and helped allow me to escape."
One hundred stitches were required to close ANTHONY'S claw and fang wounds.

Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1958-03-08