Kansas City, MO Car Misses Turn and Strikes Pole, May 1955

Two persons received severe cuts and two others were shaken up here last evening when their car failed to make the turn at Ryan Lane and Mitchell Street and crashed into a light pole.

Ted O. Humphreys 22, of Kansas City, driver of the car, was fined $50 and assessed costs in Magistrate Court this morning as a result of the accident when he pleaded guilty to charges of careless and reckless driving while drinking.

Humphreys received a cut above his left eye and on his nose, and Barbara Curren, of 304 Brunswick Street, a passenger, received a severe cut on her right leg from the impact. Shaken up and receiving bumps on the head but apparently not otherwise injured were passengers Barbara Cooper, 13, of 104 Lilly Street and Tilly [Tillie] White [my mother], 17, of 204 Asher.

The State Highway Patrol reported the car was headed south on Mitchell and that Humphrey was turning west on Ryan Lane when the accident happened. The front end of the car, a 1951 Chevrolet was extensively damaged. A trooper said Humphreys had tried to turn the corner at too high a speed.

The number “5” figured closely in the accident.

It happened on Thursday, May 5, 1955, at 5:55 p. m., with a $50 fine subsequently assessed.
Written in the short form it would appear 5/5/55—5:55 p.m. - $50.


Thursday May 5, 1955 accident

In actuality, my mother's (spelled Tillie, not Tilly--as printed in the article) injuries were so severe that she ended up having surgery because she flew out through the windshield and got glass embedded in her brain and in both eyes.

Tillie Marie White/Richie
03/12/38 - 12/17/08

RIHP, Momma!!