Bonne Terre, MO Train Death May 5, 1902

DEATH: Farmington Times 08 May 1902
Mary E.M. Bevis Dodson b. 1827 in Mo. Died 05 May 1902

Cause of Death; ran over by train

Grandma Dodson, commited suicide at Bonne Terre, Mo. Monday morning by throwing herself in front of a freight train.

A north bound freight was running about a mile north of Bonne Terre Depot, when the engineer saw her walking along the track.

When the train got nearer to her, and she still remained on the track, he blew the whistle and slowed up, but she turned and threw herself directly in front of the engine. The engine and several cars passed over her body, before the train could be stopped. The body was horribly mangled and almost unrecognizable.

Personal: Listed that Mary E.M. Bevis - Dodson was one half Cherokee Indian.