Kansas City, MO Tornado, May 1909


Suburb of Kansas City Swept by Severe Storm--Five Victims May Die from Wounds

KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 15.--Twenty-five persons were hurt, many seriously, and much property damaged by a tornado which struck Mount Washington and Fairmount Park, suburbs of Kansas City. It is believed five of the injured will die. Among the most seriously hurt are: Mrs. James O'Gara, her father, mother and five-year-old boy; Mrs. Mary Robinson and baby girl; Mrs. George Root and two children, and Mrs. Ferguosn [sic]. All were injured when the houses they occupied were blown down.

A heavy wind accompanied by a blinding rain and hail storm prevailed throughout the city. Much minor damage was done, and traffic of all kinds seriously interferred with.

Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, ND 15 May 1909

Transcribed by Jackie Harral.  Thanks Jackie!


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