Kansas City, MO Tornado, May 1909 - Beat the Storm


Two of the Victims Bought Tornado Insurance at 3 O’Clock.

S. M. Bird was moving into his new house at Independence and Overton avenue yesterday. On the next lot east of him George R. Baker was building a new home. At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon both went down town and took out tornado insurance on their dwellings.

“I had been intending to take out the insurance for some days,” Mr. Baker said this morning, “but I hadn’t had time to attend to it. Yesterday afternoon the rain was so bad I couldn’t work, so I went down and took out the policy and Mr. Bird went along and got his.”

One house was wrecked and the other damaged.

An amazing escape from death was that of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Bird, the parents of S. M. Bird. They were at supper in a one-story addition to their house on Independence avenue near Overton avenue, when the storm struck. A brick chimney crashed through the roof of the dining room carrying the whole roof with it. Mr. Bird was taken out uninjured. Mrs. Bird was struck by the falling timbers, but her injuries are not dangerous.

The Kansas City Times, Kansas City, MO 15 May 1909