Commerce, MO Steamboat "HARRY OF THE WEST" Accident, Apr 1843


We received yesterday, by the Julia Chouteau, the following from the Memphis Enquirer of the 20th inst.:
"The new and splendid steamer Harry of the West was towed up to our landing this morning in a disabled condition, having collapsed two flues yesterday just above Commerce. By this accident one fireman was killed, two cabin passengers (J. P. SHERMAN, of N.Y. and A. FITZGERALD), one deck passenger and the mate of the boat considerable bruised. The latter has his leg broken, and one of the cabin passengers is slightly scalded. A cabin passenger, MR. J. SMITH, of Yazoo, Miss., one deck hand and two free colored men, who had been employed as cooks, are missing and supposed to be lost. These are all the persons injured or lost. There were about thirty passengers on board."
"The boat had been taking in wood and had on a moderate quantity of steam at the time. In shoving out from the shore the larboard wheel got foul of the bank, tilting the boat over at a considerable angle, and throwing the water out of the side. The first revolution after she righted, the second larboard boiler collapsed both flues, the steam escaping towards the bow and tearing up the hurricane deck in a strip about two feet wide, forward of the Social Hall. There is no other damage done to the boat.
Mo. Republican.

The Radical Bowling Green Missouri 1843-04-29