Sikeston, MO Deadly Auto Accident, Jul 1961


Sikeston, Mo. (AP) - Two survivors of an auto smashup that killed eight persons at a rural intersection near Sikeston Saturday
night wandered out of a nearby field early Sunday dazed but apparently unhurt.
State troopers said SAM JONES, 31, driver of the car in which seven persons lost their lives, and HENRY LEE TOLES, 7, son of one of the victims, could remember little about the accident.
JONES, who lives about one mile from the scene, told authorities he and the child spent the night roaming about numb and dazed.
"I don't remember anything but being with MR. JONES in a field," the youngster said.
JONES and the boy were taken to Missouri Delta Community Hospital in Sikeston for observation.
Previously it was reported that 11 persons, all Negroes, were in JONES' car when an auto driven by GAYLON EAKIN, 17, of Bell City, Mo., allegedly racing with his cousin, collided with the vehicle as it turned onto a black-top road.
EAKIN was killed as his speeding car skidded 200 feet and crashed into the JONES' auto, throwing all 13 occupants to the pavement. The car driven by his cousin, JAMES EAKIN, 20, of Bell City, skidded about 200 feet into a ditch to avoid the wreckage. JAMES EAKIN, who was not hurt was booked on suspicion of careless driving and speeding.

Oneonta Star New York 1961-07-10