Sedalia, MO Auto And Train Collision, Feb 1954


Sedalia, Mo., Feb. 18 - U.P. - Only one member of the WILLIAM E. SPRINKLES family survived a collision of an automobile and a Missouri Pacific passenger train here Wednesday night that took the lives of six persons.
The accident occurred at a crossing less than two blocks from the Sprinkles home. Sprinkles, who was driving, had passed the intersection many times to and from his work as a glass factory employee.
Dead were the 43-year-old SPRINKLES, his wife, FRANCES, three of their four children, and MRS. SPRINKLES' father, LESTER DILLARD, 70.
The children who died in the crash were two-year-old DICKIE, LYLA, 14 and CAROL, 9.
Police said Sprinkles, apparently unaware of the approaching train drove directly into its path. The car was dragged more than 200 feet before the train could be stopped. Bodies of the victims were strewn along the tracks.
The one survivor, 12-year-old BILL SPRINKLES, was taken to Bothwell Hospital in critical condition from multiple fractures, shock and severe lacerations. Attendants said early Thursday his condition was "little changed and still critical."

Odessa American Texas 1954-02-18