Chillicothe, MO Drowning Aug 1907


Accident to Picnic Party at Bear Lake Came Near Resulting in the Death of two Others.
By the overturning of a boat being used by a picnic party, at Bear Lake, southwest of Chillicothe, Monday evening, MISS LUCRETIA EVANS and EMERY MCDOUGLE were drowned and John Moore and Mrs. Lee McNally narrowly escaped with their lives.

The accident occured at 8:45. Mr. Moore, who formerly resided in Chillicothe, but whose home is now in St. Joseph, where he is employed by a jewelry house, had been visiting here several days and the picnic party was planned largely in his honor. All of the young people were members of the First Methodist church choir.

The picnickers went to Bear Lake in the afternoon. They ate their supper on the bank of the lake and then went boat riding.

When they were in a deep part of of[sic] the lake the boat began to dip water. This frightened the occupants of the vessel, and in their efforts to free the boat from water, they rocked and overturned it.

Moore and Mrs. McNally managed to get their arms over the bottom of the overturned boat and to make their way to shore in safety, after a rough experience in the water.
McDougle made a valian effort to save the life of his companion, Miss Evans, but it was evident from the position in which their bodies were found that she had, in her struggles to keep from drowning, handicapped him somewhat. When the bodies were located one of her hands was tightly clutched about one of his wrists. His other arm was about her body, as though he had made an effort to support her and to gain the banks, his efforts probably having been made of little avail owing to her having grabbed him by the wrist.
McDougle was further hindred[sic] by being unable to swim. Moore could swim, which accounts for his rescue and that of Mrs. McNally.

Others on the lake summoned aid from Chillicothe and a rescue and searching party headed by Chief of Police Dorney went in a wagonette to the lake. Moore and Mrs. McNally were brought to town, suffering considerably from their experience, while those remaining at the lake divided into searching squads and made an effort to locate the bodies of Miss Evans and young McDougle.

The first effort with rakes and debs proved fruitless. The party then got a mammoth sein[sic] belonging to Jack Smith and dragged this across the bottom of the lake, again wiithout result.

A more thorough search was then made with rakes and about 1 o'clock a rake in the hands of Charles L. Cooper struck bodies. They were in six feet of water in the southwest part of the lake, southwest of the bend and below Doc Miller's house. The bodies came readily to the surface after being found. They were brought to town and taken to the undertaking establishment of J. Mohrs & Son, where they were prepared for burial. The bodies arrived in Chillicothe at 2:15 Tuesday morning. They were taken to the homes of the parents of the dead young people at 8:30 Tuesday morning.
Dr. A. J. Simpson was with the party and gave immediate medical attention to Mr. Moore and Mrs. McNally.

LEMUEL EMERY MCDOUGLE was the full name of the young man who was drowned. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. McDougle of 209 East Polk Street. He was 23 years old and was the manager of his father's farm, north of the city. The McDougles moved to Chillicothe several years ago from Illinios. Emery was born in Coles county, Ill. He was a young man of exemplary habits, a dutiful son, being his father's strong dependence and the idol of his mother. His death came as a terrible blow to his fond parents and they were almost prostrated with grief. He is also survived by one sister, Grace.

LUCRETIA EVANS was 27 years old and was the daughter of J. D. Evans of 424 Clay street. Mr. Evans has resided for forty years in Livingston county, and the drowned girl was born here. She was a splendid young woman whose untimely death is greatly mourned not only by her family but by many friends. She is survived by her father, five sisters and three brothers. The sisters are: Mrs. H. H. Lewis, of Tacoma, Wash.; Mrs. V.B Campbell, Laramie, Wyo.; Mrs. W. J. Campbell, Chillocothe; Miss Emma Evans, Chyenne, Wyo.; Miss Jane Evans, at home. The brothers---J. H. and D. C. Evans of Jonesboro, Ark.; A. H. Evans, who risides at home.

Talking with a Constitution reporter Tuesday morning, Mr. Moore gave the following story of the accident: " We four were in the boat, and had started to exchange places when the boat turned over, throwing us out. I did not see Mr. McDougle or Miss Evans at all after we were thrown out, and do not know anything about them. I was the only one in the party who could swim. I had Mrs. McNally by the hand, but realizing that I could do nothing to save her that way, I broke loose, and fortunately we both went down and came up together at the same time. I then took hold of her and managed to get hold of the boat, which we had turned over several times in our efforts to get in. I went down six or seven times, and Mrs. McNally perhaps almost as many. Mrs. McNally was conscious until after she had been taken to the home of Doc Miller, and after she had been there some time lapsed into unconsciousness from worry over the other members of the party."

Mrs. McNally was taken to her home late Monday night. Mr. Moore said that he was feeling well except for the fact of worry over the unfortunate affair. He said he wanted to go back to the water to help rescue the bodies of the other two, but knowing his strength was already overtaxed, and that many others were there he was not allowed to do so.

Mrs. McNally told the story as she remembered it to the Constitution Tuesday morning as follows: " We were getting ready to start home, and the boys got the carriage. We were sitting in the boat waiting for some parties who were to get it from us, but the mosquitoes were so bad near the bank the we rowed out in the middle of the lake. Miss Evans and I started to exchange places in the boat, and in getting up I slipped. The rest jumped, as they saw the boat rock, and it was then that the boat upset. That was the last I saw of Emery and Louie. John had me by the hand but broke lose, and we both went down. Once we came up under under[sic] the boat and tried hard to get it over so we came up under heads out again. I went down twice as I remember, each time swallowing water. The second time I came up John got hold of my hair and neck and we managed to get to the boat, got hold of it and crawled upon the bottom of it, afraid to speak almost for fear that we would either fall or the boat would go down. We did call for help as much as we could and some boys who had been swimming heard us. Jack Jilton reached us and rescued us from the bottom of the boat. If it had not been for John Moore I would not be telling you the story this morning. I was taken to the home of Mr. Miller, where I was rubbed and given stimulents. Dr. Simpson arrived soon, and that is all I know until they told me I was to be taken home. I reached home about midnight and went direct to my room, saying nothing to my flolks until this morning, when I told them of our narrow escape."

Mrs. McNally was bruised some about the chest, she thinks perhaps from striking the boat, and suffered a fractured finger. She was able to be up a litttle while Tuesday morning but was very weak.

No funeral aggarngements have been made.
The county coroner, Dr. R. L. Dowell, held that no inquest was necessary.

The Chillicothe Constitution, Chillicothe, MO 6 Aug 1907


By the capsizing of a boat MISS LUCRETIA EVANS and EMERY MCDOUGAL were drowned in Bear Lake, Missouri, near Chillicothe.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 7 Aug 1907



McDougle Obsequies Held From Family Home Wednesday Morning--- Evans Services Tomorrow.

The funeral of EMERY MCDOUGLE the young man who lost his life by drowning Monday night in Bear lake, was held from the family home on East Polk street, Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. George P. Sturges of the First Methodist church officiating. Many relatives and friends of the family gathered at the home to prove the esteem in which the young man was held.

The funeral of his associate and companion in the terrible accident of Monday night, MISS LUCRETIA EVANS, will be held from the First Methodist church Thursday at twelve-thirty. The remains will be taken to the Welsh cemetery near Dawn, where they will be interred. Two sisters the young lady from Wyoming, Mrs. V. B. Campbell of Laramie, and Miss Emma Evans of Cheyenne, and two brothers, J. H. and D. C. Evans, of Jonesboro,, Ark., arrived Wednesday noon,, to be present at the funeral. Rev. Surges will conduct the services.

No previous announcement of the McDougle funeral was possible owing to the family not knowing when relatives would arrive.

The Chillicothe Constitution, Chillicothe, MO 7 Aug 1907