Coudray, MO Tornado, Apr 1893

Nine Persons Killed and Fifty Injured at Coudray, Mo.


Harvest of Death at Coudray, a Missouri Mining Town.

SALEM, Mo., April 12.----A cyclone visited the northern part of this county last evening about 6 o'clock. While the wind was blowing strong from the southeast, a heavy storm appeared in the north, striking this county near the center on the west side, coursing to the east. It made a path in this county from two to four miles wide for a distance of about twenty-five miles. Trees, fences, houses, and barns were demolished, and many persons killed and injured. The greatest loss of life is reported from Coudray, a mining town of about three hundred people. Only three houses are left standing there and nine persons were killed. Fifty others were more or less injured, some of whom will die. Joe Wofford, Maley Mitchell, Andy Aft, and J. A. Pearman, farmers on Dry Fork, lost their houses, and many of the occupants were injured. At Midland Bridge Charles Adair was blown from the bridge and drowned. Complete details are not yet obtainable.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 13 Apr 1893