Joplin, MO Flood, Apr 1908

Joplin Damaged By Flood.

Rain In Torrents Causes Sudden Rise of Fifteen Feet and 200 Stores Are Inundated.

Special To The News.
Joplin. Mo., April 23.- Willow Branch, which flows through the heart of Joplin, rose fifteen feet in thirty minutes this afternoon and many of the largest retail houses in the city suffered much damage. Rain fell in torrent approaching a cloud-burst in severity, the water entered many residences, and in the extremely low places the flood reached almost to the second stories, driving the occupants to places of safety. On Main street, where the stream crosses, the water stood two and a half feet deep and hundreds of [illegible] large stores too the tops of counters keep dry. In dry good stores scores of young women huddled in terrified groups on tops of counters and high stools while the muddy current swept through the buildings.

Two hundred business houses were partly under water.

No lives are reported lost.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Apr 1908