Crawford and Kent Counties, MO Tornado, Apr 1893

STEELEVILLE, Mo., April 12 – A cyclone swept over the western part of Crawford and the eastern part of Kent County last night, and besides doing great damage killed many citizens living in its path. At Hawkin’s Bank WILLIAM ASHER, the engineer at the mines, and three men by the name of LAY were killed. Miss Lay was blown away and has not been found. A small child was also blown away. W. A. Wilson is seriously hurt. Superintendent Coudray, of the mines, was badly hurt and his wife is also badly injured. All the dwellings and a big store were blown down. At Jabwin’s Postoffice (sic) four men were killed. On Dry Creek, Crawford County, the residence of A. M. GREEN, who was confined to his bed, was torn down by the wind and the old gentleman killed. Farm-houses and barns were destroyed throughout the county, and reports are coming in every hour of persons killed and damage done.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 13 Apr 1893