Kansas City, MO Airplane Crashes into Mess Hall Feb 1943

Army Plane Hits Cadet Mess Hall, Killing Waitress
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 27 (UP).--An Army training ship crashed into the mess hall of an aviation training school Saturday, Killing LEONA CHILDERS, a waitress. She was one of seven civilians kitchen assistants in the hall at the time. The others were treated for minor injuries.
Occupants of the small training plane, the pilot and a sergeant, were uninjured and walked out of the wreckage of the demolished building unaided. Their names were withheld.
The plane was taikng[sic] off from the Kansas City municipal airport, witnesses said, when suddenly it nosed over and plummeted through the roof of the dining hall of the Missouri Aviation Institute, a training center for air cadets. Ninety cadets had finished lunch twenty minutes earlier, and ninety more were due ten minutes later.
Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 Feb 1943