Conway, MO Train Wreck, Oct 1892

Wrecked by a Broken Rail.

CONWAY, Mo., Oct. 25. -- The westbound passenger train on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad was wrecked six miles east of this place a few minutes before 4 o'clock this morning. Two persons were killed outright and some 20 or 30 were more or less injured. The dead are: AL DICKERSON of Springfield, baggageman, and FLOYD HOWARD of Marshfield, newsboy. MR. DICKERSON was a married man and leaves a wife and one child.

The wreck occurred on what is known as "Dead Man's Curve." A broken rail is supposed to have been the cause. The train was heavily loaded and had three Pullman sleepers attached. The engine, mail car, express and two rear sleepers held the track, while the baggage, smoker, two chair cars and the first sleeper were thrown from the track and all on their sides, except the sleeper.

The following is a partial list of the injured: M. SUMMERFIELD, St. Louis, foot sprained; GEO. M. GOODNIGHT, Sheriff, Cassville, Mo., head cut; H. D. HENSLEY, Marshal, Cassville, injured internally; NOBLE PERRYMAN, policeman, Redfork, I. T.; W. J. FRAZELLE, Tulsa, I. T., arm broken and hand mashed; J. E. BLACK, Fort Smith, Ark., concussion of the brain; MRS. R. J. REYNOLDS, Dexter, Kas., internal injury; MRS. M. W. GRAHAM, Roseman, Ill., back and head hurt; S. D. PORTER and wife, Iuka, Ill., both badly cut about their heads; C. H. BEHRENS, Buffalo, Mo., injured in the back; J. I. HAMILTON, Howard, Kas., injured internally; J. B. BRISCO, Dexter, Mo., back and head hurt; M. B. DOBBS, Dexter, Mo., head cut and shoulder dislocated; J. S. BASS, Ponce de Leon, Mo., hand mashed; and BEN HENSON, Conway, Mo., injured internally.

The Rolla New Era Colorado 1892-10-29


Wrecked by a broken rail

I just want to thank who ever made this post I have been looking for this article for over a decade. Al Dickerson was my great grandfather. Knew the family history of this story but wanted so much to find it in print. Thanks whoever you are.