Columbia, MO Missouri University Fire, Jan 1892

Burned Out College Burned Out University



St. Louis, Jan. 9. -- News reached here late tonight that the Missouri State University at Columbus [sic], Mo., was destroyed by fire this evening. The University had about four hundred students, fifty of whom were young ladies. The buildings were completely destroyed with their contents, consisting of a valuable library, scientific instruments, machinery, etc. The students escaped in safety. The total loss will be about $300,000, and insurance $175,000. The origin of the fire is unknown.

The fire caught in the library, and was caused by the falling of an immense electric chandelier, shortly after the lights were turned on for the annual exhibition of the athemeum society at 8 o'clock this evening. The village is without a fire department, and the crowd of people who gathered about the university were without means to save the buildings from destruction.

Davenport Daily Leader Iowa 1892-01-10



This article should refer to Columbia, Mo. This fire occurred at what is now the University of Missouri-Columbia. The columns left behind are to this day an iconic spot on campus. I graduated there.