Warrensburg, MO Train Wreck, Oct 1904

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And Over Twenty Killed and Many Injured - Engineer Forgot His Orders.

KANSAS CITY, Oct. 10. --- The second section of the Missouri Pacific passenger train Number 3 from Wichita to St. Louis carrying World's Fair excursionists, and a west bound freight collided just east of Warrensburg, Missouri, eighty miles southeast of Kansas City early today.

The forward coach of the passenger train was telescoped and the remainder of both trains damaged. Twenty persons were killed outright and many more injured, some, it is believed, fatally. According to the local Missouri Pacific office, the engineer of the freight train was to blame, having forgotten his orders. He had been ordered to wait at a switch just south of Warrensburg, but he neglected to do so. They met on a sharp curve while running at good speed. The passenger coaches were crowded.

It was some time before the dead and injured could be extricated from the debris as the wreck occurred in a narrow cut during the dark of the early hours of the morning. Relief trains were hurried to the scene and everything possible done for the injured.
A telephone message to the Associated Press stated at the time the dead numbered twenty-three, seventeen of whom had been killed instantly and the injured numbered close to thirty, many are in a dying condition.

Among the dead are:
MRS. W. J. DARST and son GILBERT, aged 12, Dexter, Kansas.
W. H. ALLEN and two sons, Pittsburg, Kansas.
DOROTHY GREER, Pennsboro, Missouri.
L. F. BURES, Bernard, Missouri.
CAL REED, Bernard, Missouri.
GERTRUDE LOUD, Bernard, Missouri.
DICEY REAM, Bernard, Missouri.
ADDIE KANE, Pittsburg, Kansas.
G. A. WEEBER, Fountain, Pennsylvania.
SIDEL, head brakeman.
PHILIP RAGEL, Edna, Kansas.
MRS. PHILIP RAGEL, Edna, Kansas.
SUSIE COOPER, Edna, Kansas.
MRS. MARY CASMET, Sedan, Kansas.
HARRY CARR, Chautauqua Springs, Kansas.
LEE DOORES, Bronaugh, Missouri.
NELLIE and DOLLY SULLIVAN, Cherryvale, Kansas.
HATTIE KILFEY, Oxford, Kansas.
DORIS GREGG, Bronaugh, Missouri.
M. LINDSAY, Oxford, Kansas.
DR. H. L. McILHENRY, Springman, Kansas.

It is now known that twenty-seven were killed and thirty injured.

Both engineers and both firemen saw the danger and jumped. They were only slightly hurt.

Daily Journal Colorado 1904-10-10