East St. Louis, Mo National Hotel Fire, Aug 1869

Burning of a Hotel in East St. Louis – Two Men Burned to Death and Several Others Injured.

From the St. Louis Times, Aug. 28.

Yesterday morning, about 1:30, a fire was discovered in the National Hotel, and in a few moments the house was wrapped in flames, which communicated to the adjoining buildings, and two of them were burned to the ground. Everything in the hotel was destroyed, and today the charred remains of an unfortunate man, who perished in the flames, were found in the ruins. His name was THOMAS QUINLAN.

During the conflagration the excitement was intense. The shrieks of the terrified women and children were heart-rending. Many of the inmates leaped from the first, second and third-story windows to escape the flames. Mrs. Margaret Fitzpatrick was burned about the body, and had her ankle broken. Mrs. Mary O’Brien jumped from a second-story window, followed by two men, who fell upon her, bruising her terribly. A man from Highland, Ill., had his leg broken. Dan. Coffee was severely burned, and several others were slightly bruised or burned. The sufferers were kindly cared for by Mr. Gilchrist and the ladies of the island. The ferryboat Christy was early at the scene, and a hose attached and her fire pump brought into requisition. The National was fully insured. Messrs. Lockhead & Co.’s loss is about $1,000; partially insured. Since the above was written, we learn that still another man is missing.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Sept 1869