Rock Creek Crossing, MT Train Hits Auto, Dec 1959


Missoula, Mont. (AP) -- An eastbound Northern Pacific Railway passenger train and a car collided at a crossing east of Missoula Sunday afternoon, killing two of the car's three occupants.
Officers identified the victims as MR. and MRS. LLOYD ADAMS of Renan. Their son, VIRGIL, about 25, was taken to a Missoula hospital. He suffered shock and undetermined injuries.
Crewmen aboard the 14-car Northern Pacific Railway train fixed the train's speed at about 70 miles an hour when the collision occurred at the Rock Creek Crossing, 28 miles east of Missoula.
The crossing is about 75 feet from U. S. Highway 10 and commands good visibility, officers said.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1959-12-28