Bozeman, MT Plane Crash, Jan 1938


Investigation of Fatal Dive of N. W. Airlines Plane Gets Under Way

Big Transport Crashed In Rugged Hills Late Monday Afternoon - Corner [sic] Says Bodies Of Victims, All Mangled And Burned Beyond Recognition, Will Be Brought To Bozeman.

(By Associated Press)
Bozeman, Jan. 11. -- (AP) - Airline inspectors of the Bureau of Air Commerce and Gallatin county officials today began an investigation of the crash of a Northwest Airlines transport in which ten persons lost their lives.

The plane, flying from Seattle to Chicago, crashed in the rugged Bridger mountains 14 miles northeast of here late Monday afternoon.

The transport, cruising just above the 10,000 foot range along the eastern edge of the Gallatin valley, crashed in a heap of twisted metal and burst into flames.

Today after a blizzard that raged most of the night had covered most of the wreckage with snow, Coroner HOWARAD NELSON and Sheriff LEVITT WESTLAKE of Gallatin county with A. D. NIEMEYER of Seattle, air line inspector of the Bureau of Air Commerce, opened an investigation into the crash.

Coroner NELSON said the bodies of the ten victims, all mangled and burned beyond recognition, would be taken to Bozeman to await arrival of relatives.

The wreckage and bodies were still smoldering today.

The plane lay in a small clearing, inaccessible except by bobsled, skiis[sic] or wading.

Snow Blocks Roads.
Heavy snow that blocked highways leading to the scene of the crash made transfer of the bodies except by improvised litters and sled impossible.

Tarpaulins for transporting the charred remains of the ten victims were ordered by Coroner NELSON.

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Pin-point the crash site in Bridgers?

Researching to see if I can find the crash site. Anyone from Bozeman or Belgrade out there, feel free to contact me.

-Roxanne Kenison, Seattle

Bozeman 1938 crash

Thank you so very much for posting this very detailed account of the crash that killed my grandfather, Irven Stevenson (not JE, but IE). I have a trove of material from my grandmother - thinking there are some stories to tell here. Nick Mamer's daughter Patti became my mother's (Dorothy's) best friend after the death of their fathers. Until now I have found only sketchy accounts of the crash. The detail here brought the scene to life, and I confess, made me sad all over again that I never knew my mother's father other than in pictures and what he wrote. Thank you again - this websiteis a gem!