Bozeman, MT Plane Crash, Jan 1938

Leaders of the party were ALBERT DAVIS, Helena, Mont., postal inspector, and H. H. HOWARD, Bozeman postmaster.

Roads that were passable at the time of the crash became snowbound overnight.

Gallatin county officials readied snowplows to lead the cortege as soon as the bodies were brought down, possibly by bobsled, from the mountainside clearing where the wreckage and charred bodies were located.

NICK MAMER, pilot of the plane, had pioneered the route across the Northern Rockies and had flown a million miles without injuring a passenger. F. W. WEST was the co-pilot. Both were from Spokane, Wash.

List of Passengers
Northwest Airlines officials in St. Paul listed the plane's passengers as:
W. E. BORGENHEIMER, about 39, Basin, Mont., who had cancelled[sic] a reservation on a later plane to hurry to the bedside of his dying mother in Wisconsin. Word reached Basin about the time of the crash that the mother had died.

LLOYD LEVIN, 33, who was returning to his home at Detroit, Mich., after visiting his sick mother at Butte, Mont. He was a mechanic.

AL H. CROONQUIST, 47, of Billings, Mont., state traffic manager for the Airline and one of the organizers of the Montana-Wyoming Dude Ranchers association.

GEORGE A. ANDERSON of Seattle, territory sales supervisor for the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co.

WALTER TON, postal inspector, St. Paul, Minn.

DOUGLAS MacKAY, 37, clerk of the Canadian committee of the Hudson's Bay company and former employee of the Canadian Press. Yesterday was his 13th wedding anniversary.

TED ANDERSON, St. Paul, mechanic in the St. Paul shops of Northwest Airlines.

J. E. STEVENSON of Seattle.

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Pin-point the crash site in Bridgers?

Researching to see if I can find the crash site. Anyone from Bozeman or Belgrade out there, feel free to contact me.

-Roxanne Kenison, Seattle

Bozeman 1938 crash

Thank you so very much for posting this very detailed account of the crash that killed my grandfather, Irven Stevenson (not JE, but IE). I have a trove of material from my grandmother - thinking there are some stories to tell here. Nick Mamer's daughter Patti became my mother's (Dorothy's) best friend after the death of their fathers. Until now I have found only sketchy accounts of the crash. The detail here brought the scene to life, and I confess, made me sad all over again that I never knew my mother's father other than in pictures and what he wrote. Thank you again - this websiteis a gem!