Coram, MT Train Wreck, Sept 1910


Burlington Train From Seattle for Kansas City Goes Into Ditch Near Kalispel and Two Passengers Are Instantly Killed---Three Are Fatally Injured and Twenty Seriously Hurt---Killed and Injured Were All In Smoker---Wreck Is Caused by Trucks of Smoker Jumping Switch.

(Associated Press by Leased Wire.)

Kalispell, Mont., Sept. 7.---Two persons were killed, fifteen seriously injured, several perhaps fatally, and twenty others more or less hurt in the wreck of an eastbound Burlington train on the Great Northern early today at Coram, twenty miles east of Kalispell. The train was en route from Seattle to Kansas City. The killed and injured were in the smoker.

The dead:

CHARLES MONEY, Conrad, Mont.
WILLIAM SMITH, Whitefish, Mont.

Probably fatally injured:

Edward Duskey, Whitefish, Mont.
James Herapolus, Canton, O.

Seriously injured:

A. L. Chaney, Uniondale, Iowa.
E. C. Plowman, Brooklyn.
William Gurber, Oakwood, Wis.
Joseph Keplin, Spokane.
Robert Williams, Racine, Wis.
J. L. Haggerty, Havre, Mont.
ED Goeler, Spokane.
Albert Dawson, Forkdale, Tenn.
James Pattus, Spokane.
W. W. Simmins, train porter.

It has been ascertained that the trucks of the smoker jumped a switch.

The Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA 7 Sept 1910